Lisa is the best! She makes you very comfortable and makes sure you are well prepared and informed before you even set foot on a board. Her instructions are easy to follow which allow you to have a great time on the water. She is great with groups and helping you organize a best time to be out on the water. Haven't tried night time boarding but have seen them from the street...Looks awesome!!! Can't wait to try it out for myself. She is such an asset to have  so nearby and a great way for the community to make use of the Marina waters and enjoy our beautiful town! Thanks Lisa!

Vanessa M.

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What We Do

Marina Paddlefit provides classes on  the water for people who want to build strength, balance, work on body composition and overall well being. We offer paddleboarding classes, paddleboard race training and rentals. Call Lisa G 775-203-6751 for more details.

Meet Our Staff

Owner Lisa G has been teaching paddleboard instruction, small group fitness classes and personal training since 2007. She works with people of all ages, different fitness levels and can modify for anyone to have the best workout. We also have other trainers who rent space and are highly qualified.  Let's find the right class and trainer for 775-203-6751

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